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Personal Profile of Dr. Ghanshyam Das
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Name:Dr. Ghanshyam Das
Designation:Associate Professor
Department: Materials and Metallurgy
Phone:0651-2292076, +91-7352060676
Resume: No Resume!

Office Room No: 217,. .Faculty Building


Degree (Highest) Discipline Year Institute
Ph. D. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering .2007 IIT Bombay
Teaching Interest:
(Including Courses Taught. ADC/B. Tech M. Tech)
Corrosion Science and Engineering/ Mechanical Properties of Materials and its Evaluation (B.Tech IIIrd Yr. MME)..Degradation of Engineering Materials/Mechanical Working of Materials (M.Tech Ist.Yr. & IInd.Yr. MSE)
Research Interest: Degradation of Engineering Materials, High temperature corrosion, Aqueous corrosion, Light Weight Materials corrosion, Bio-degradable Materials, Nano coating, Inhibitors
  1. Manoranjan Kumar Singh. (Awarded)
  2. Anjani Kumar Singh (Submitted)
  3. Viranshu Kumar Singh Continuing)

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