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Quality Control and TQM
Question paper

Lecture 49 Statistical Quality Control (SQC)

Statistical Quality Control


Lecture # 2 SQC 1

Lec-13 Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management 
MGT567 Lecture 01

Quality Circles Program

Cost of Quality and TQM Tools
Ferrous Casting Question Paper
Topic 1
Topic 2
Topic 3
Topic 4
Topic 5
Topic 6
Topic 7
Topic 8
Topic 9
Topic 10
Iron & Steel Casting Iron & Steel Casting
Electric Arc Furnace
Cast Iron
Arc Melting
Modern Casting Processes Click here 
Iron and Steel Casting Production Assignments
Advance Metal Forming Rolling
Metal Forming Technology Module 1
Chemistry-I Suggested text books:
a) University chemistry by B. H. Mahan
b) Physical Chemistry by P. W. Atkins
c) Organic Chemistry: Structure and Function by K. P. C. Volhardt and N. E. Schore
d) Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J. D. Lee
e) Engineering Chemistry by Jain & Jain
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6
Reference video links
Technology of Non Ferrous Casting Process Click here 
Quality Assurance and Inspection Methods Courseware
Course ware 2
Design of Machine Elements Theories of Failure
Technology of Special Foundry Processes Lost Foam Casting
HMT Notes
Heat Treatment Notes
NDT Visual Optical Method
Metal Forming Technology Introduction
Re: Course material for mechanical working of materials Lecture
Non ferrous r MFt2 to e ache  Lecture
Foundry Tooling and Methoding Lecture
Reading guidelines and assignment for Heat Treatment Technology Lecture
High Temperature Materials Lecture
Iron Making Lecture
Advance Materials Click here
Advanced Foundry Technology Click here 
CNC & Programming Click here 
Corrosion Science & Engineering and Degradation of Materials Click here 
Environmental System Modeling Click here 
Forging of Non ferrous & Special Alloys Click here 
Foundry Processes Click here 
Foundry Tooling & Methoding Click here 
Heat & Mass Transfer Click here 
Heat Treatment Technology Click here 
Industrial Engineering Click here 
Iron & Steel Casting Production Click here 
Kinematics & Dynamics of Machines Click here 
Mathematics-II Click here 
Mechanical Working of Materials Click here 
Non Ferrous Casting Production Click here 
Numerical Methods & Its Applications Click here 
Programming For Problem Solving Click here 
Quality Assurance and Inspection Methods Click here 
Risk Analysis and Disaster Management Click here 
Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Click here 
Surface Engineering Click here 
Technology of Closed Die forging Click here 
Technology of Free Forging Click here 
Technology of Special Foundry  Click here 
Advance Manufacturing Process Click here 
Air Pollution Control Technology Click here 
Forging Die Design and Manufacturing Click here 
Forging Die Design Click here 
Mechanics of Solids Click here 
Modeling and Simulation Click here 
Technology of Non Ferrous Forging Click here 
Metal Forming Technology Click here 
Waste Water Engineering Click here 
Methoding of Casting Click here 
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