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Library At Glance
  Total No of Books 25255
  No. of Reference Books 16088
  No. of Text book 8962
  Back Volume of Periodicals 7811
  Total No. of Current Periodicals Subscribing (Print from) 109
  Online Journals (Through INDEST_AICTE Consortium) 905
  Standards 10280
  Indian Standards 7694
  British Standards 2586
  Total No. of Microfiche 2098
  Total No. of Microfilms 1027
  Total No. of Transparencies and Reprints 1553
  Total No. of Translation 2150
  Total No. of Slides 1754
  Total No. of Films 54
  Total No. of Cassettes 41
  Total No. of LRS 15
  Other 27
  Faculty Members  
  Participants of Refresher Course  
  Members of Industries  
  Total No. of Staff in the Library 3
  Casual Worker (on Compassionate ground) 4
  Total No. of Circulation (Daily) 250-280
  Total No. of Reference queries (Daily) 25-30
  Total No. of Reprography  Daily (Approx.) 500
  Total No. of Shelving (Books, Journals, Standards) Daily 250-275
  Talking out Books and Periodicals from Shelves (Daily) 450-475
  Total No. of Users attending in the Library Daily 150-175
  Borrowing facility  
  Reference Service  
  Inter Library Lone  
  Reprography Services  
  Internet Facility  
  Binding Facility  
  Documentation Bulletin  
D. Library Timing ( Opening hours )  
  Monday to Saturday 09:00 A.M-10:00P.M
  Sunday 09:00 A.M-05:30 P.M
  Holidays Closed
E. E-Library Facility  
  For library automation and to setup e-library, Library has procured Computer 15
Nos., Libsys Software and Digital Library Software.
Library has started new services to the users for online access to e-Resources
through INDEST-AICTE Consortium, IIT, New Delhi for the following packagefrom 2007.
i. Science Directp: 327
ii. Springer Link: 556
iii.ASME :22
Visitor No. 5273905